Flexible workforce – a solution in uncertain times

In these times of uncertainty, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of one of HARP wallen’s services – The FlexExec Register, a service specifically tailored for your interim, part-time and project needs. We have sourced a wide-ranging number of talented executives across many levels and disciplines so thought it an opportune time to remind you that this is often a great solution to your recruitment needs.


The Flex-Exec Register

Flexibility – can you live without it?

In today’s recruitment market, the hiring of interim and flexible executives is very much part of the Executive Recruitment landscape. Research shows that half of working adults would like more flexibility in their work life for a variety of reasons.

Today’s employers must have the ability to organise their talent pool in line with market trends and they increasingly recognise the need to hire the skills they want, when they want them, for the length of time they need.

What is the FlexExec Register?

  • A register of experienced travel professionals who are available for Interim, Project and Non-Exec roles either on a full-time, part-time or contract basis
  • A source of talented travel experts at all levels to cover every eventuality from maternity cover to long term sickness
  • Support and advice on start-up, during significant market change or for ongoing‘wise owl’ input.
  • High-level strategic input on the development of a company’s business plan
  • Change management and business process re-engineering

Please do call us if you would like further information on this – we would be very happy to discuss your needs and bespoke your search requirements.


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