Time For A Career in Cruise?

It’s great to see the amazing recovery of our wonderful travel industry across all sectors but very much in the spotlight in recent weeks is the excitement running through the cruise sector. The thrill of new ship launches, fleet expansion plans, plus brand-new destinations to discover and explore across the globe; key ports open to welcoming visitors to their shores once more. And all this across both ocean and river cruising across all continents!

Are you interested in a career in cruising? Do you have experience in commercial, sales, digital or marketing within the wider travel sector? At HARP wallen we have a long history of partnerships with ocean and river companies large and small and we are currently recruiting for several roles with many of the leading brands across these sectors

If you want an informal discussion on the idea of moving across to the ocean or river sectors, we would be delighted to speak to you. Whether it is deck-plans, itineraries or anything else cruise related, be sure to give us a call.  With many years’ experience in cruise between the HARP team, we would be happy to pass on our opinions and expertise and help you with a step from which you will never look back!


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