Recruitment Stereotypes Broken

Can’t believe its August, where has the time gone? Summer has flown by from a work stand-point I say proudly. I keep getting comments from candidates, clients and contacts saying how quiet August and summer time can be. Everyone is on holiday and everyone left things on their desk to deal with after the holiday time. This seems to be the stereotype and the general idea of how summers work in the travel and tourism sector. So far, I have yet to see this quietness they speak of. If there is one thing I’ve noticed in this role is the stereotypical busy and quiet periods are no more. Looking at our application list, job list and candidate enquiries its been very steady. I’ve been waiting for the moment when I can sit back relax and leave early because of lack of work, but it has not yet come this summer.

I’ve noticed that since I’ve started in this role at HARP wallen, the typical busy and quiet periods have yet to come about. Every season comes and everyone says, “oh well, its summer or the holiday period, it shouldn’t be too crazy.” Who says Christmas period can be quiet? Last Christmas was one of our busiest months and I think I remember running to catch my flight home for Christmas whilst offering someone a position over the phone. Additionally, if I remember correctly we also got briefed on a new search project on January 2nd first thing at 09:00.

They say that the recruitment industry has changed so much over the years. Technology has changed, candidates job searches have changed and the sector generally has more competition. But what has also changed are the stereotypes. Gone, are the idea that no one ever recruits a new role right before Christmas or works over the August holidays.  We are more connected through our smart phones, iPads and email that we can stay connected through the quiet times and are available for work where needed. Albeit some people and countries (yes, I’m looking at you, France) disagree. But we’ve made ourselves so available that maybe this has broken this stereotype? Since Monday, I swear I’ve received three or four out-of-offices from clients, but as the out-of-offices arrive I still get an actual response from the client.

Alas, no quiet period for HARP wallen. Bring on the new proposals, the briefs and interviews. Out-of-offices never scare us.


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